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Martyn C. Friel

Got half an hour to get the very best SEO explanation?

Then watch this :

Martyn in this video demonstrates the ethos he has developed which now comes to underpin his understanding about the search marketing profession.

This gives him the means to handle any ranking situation that he faces.

And this lesson detailed within the video : should go along way to providing insight into any and all possible ranking situations.

Martyns masterclass

Years of expertise summed up in 30 mins.

Get ready to know more than 99% of digital marketing professionals.


Goggle loves information - best practices , rules for ranking:

Detail your records accordingly!


No thin(OnPage) or weak(OffPage) content.

No stale and stagnant content - ie add add add and make it relevant to the subject category!

Dont forget the glue:

*[schema marked up]

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