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Seo Uk : Is a Company with specialist experts in Search Engine Optimisation

S.e.o  -
(ie - a website with :
ensures that -
- your online marketing presence on Google
- is at least as good as the other businesses on Google

Because customers deserve to find the best business-
... and if thats you,
Why not have professionals help Google - to establish &  reflect that FACT!

SEO UK Brand

Seo Uk : Is a Company with specialist experts in Search Engine Optimisation. SMART MARKETING ! SEO is digital marketing services, with an approach centred around maximising the FREE clicks and subsequent calls and purchases, generated by the organic maps listing and also website listings.

With understanding the investment into - online marketing ...
First thing to consider, what is the point in digital marketing:

                                      Digital Marketing=Internet Marketing Service

Task 1 = get as many top positions as the other 'competing' websites AKA - SEO.

Task 2 = use extra business income, generated as a result of better SEO to then run small ad campaigns.

Second thing to consider:

Does the business you are responsible for - have listings on Google that drive customers to buy ?

If so - then please consider having our professional agency help; analyse, curate, and report;

- all the metrics that signal to Google - your listings should be shown to more and more, customers, via upward listing movement.

Thats what SEO is for !

Each agency has a scope of what to do in their unique SEO process.

Many agencies do not have a wholistic approach, and so produce little meaningful marketing results.

This is not the case at SEO-UK.COM - we make sure to utilise all possible means - to implement SEO gains through digital marketing in as broad sense as possible (budget-dependant).

Meaning if the campaign shows a need for some small ad sets - then small ad set are done - to, in turn - aid the SEO.


SEO is digital marketing, with an approach centred around maximising the FREE clicks and subsequent calls and purchases, generated by the maps listing and also organic website listings.

If for whatever reason your not ready to receive our free starter report-card service, button at top of this page, which is FREE for the time being...

Then at least watch the video below, so that you know what the foundation of any successful website SEO campaign is.

And so can then evaluate the ranking situation facing your business website listings on Google, and in relation to making progress forward with internet marketing for your business, otherwise known as digital marketing also, or also SEO + paid-ads.

Now you know enough to confidently be ready - to invest in the SEO management we have to offer for your business!

Would you like to learn more?

If so please avail yourself to some of the other learning materials on site.

And don't forget to tell us about your business, so we can look into the situation as it stands in terms of ranking, and what might be the roadmap to receiving better positions on Google.


(or really, also just to maintain the current level of interest generated for your business through Google)

(don't leave your rankings up to chance, or wait to be out ranked: hire our agency to help manage this)

SEO Philosophy 101

(with:subtitles (CC))


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: ''SEO Industry Now Worth Well Over $100 Billion per Year''

The news is in:

Spending on SEO services UK

  • upward trend of 4X - in the past decade SEO uk Services

Is it time your business started its investment towards getting a R.O.I (return on investment) with SEO?

All the data shows businesses are upping their spend on acquiring professional management for their various online content.

*SEO is content management + online reputation management ... but on steroids!

Google generates more business - by turning clicks into new customers

What we do-

We offer project management for all aspects of your SEO

Keywords - Every unique search brings with it the opportunity to include it within our content, driving up relevancy for our website, or any page that represents our business for that matter.

Google asks this = What are all the websites online that have ever at any point mentioned your business?

Why does Google ask this? Because the more your business is recognised by it presence on various websites online, especially powerful websites, the more willing it can be to put trust into your business, for where it matters most. That is where 75-100% of the clicks go, first-of-all - which is positions 1-through-5, of the Google SERP.

Now it doesn't have to be Wikipedia, that mentions your business (although probably wouldn't hurt!), but just any well-respected website, like a trusted and established blog site, this can do wonders for your businesses credibility, and its positioning as a  possible - 'leading brand' - in your market.

Some important page-types and locations that boost our clients online business reputation and that subsequently allow for a top ranked (position 1-through-5) -Google listing is : The socials, The directory-entries, The editorial 'description-articles'.

  • Google maps listing, that's just another web-page that connects up and supports our business web presence
  • Facebook page,  that's just another web page that connects up and supports our business web presence
  • YouTube profile page, that's just another web page that connects up and supports our business web presence
  • Yell directory page, that's just another web page that connects up and supports our business web presence
  • Press release pages. When your business does something notable, like donate to its elected charity cause, or any 'news' worthy activity - online publications can dedicate a page on their websites to mentioning the business and its recent happenings. Thus providing the all important and powerful - 'brand-signal' to Google.
  • And lets not forget the hub of our online 'entity or 'presence', - which we will be looking to build from and around : the actual business website.

These are all the pieces that equal the ability to secure a top 5 position

 and simultaneously - the opportunity to explode your business income.

ONPAGE 'Signals'

Does the technical elements - like the page title, the page word count, the page photo count, the page video count: chime with the Google-results-pages that matter?

OFFPAGE 'Signals'

Is there reference points online, like social websites, directory websites, digital publications: that point back (through a link) to your businesses online hub: the website?

Pre-existing clicks onto the website? 

The ultimate barrier, or, potentially - the ultimate 'brand signal' ?

Ranking is a slow and steady game. If we want to grow the overall visitors (including the money-visitors, ie the customer), we must start by attracting ANY website visits. Meaning we must give SOMEONE - some reason to spend a minute or two on our website. So a guide on 'how to:    ....... do: x, y or z ........'    could work, to bring in some regular organic (organic=non-paid for) -clicks or aka 'traffic'.

Give a little value, have a professional write a nice downloadable PDF guide, for instance,  and wait for the site to surge past any competitor sites.

The key is to start by picking something that can rank with ease, Ie is 'Low-Difficulty'. This is the Golden principle. We don't have to become the next publication house, a trickle of 'traffic' can amount to a 10x more powerful website than the next - average 'joe-blog business site'.

Affordable pricing-options.

7 day project cycles. 



Package for local - starting at £100 /week

Perfect for the smaller local business. The Google-Maps listing is the focus for getting the first meaningful page 1 listing. Via, the local '3-pack' listings.

'Double UP' Package for local £250 / week

This is for the business that isn't content with just one mention on page-1, such as in the form of -within the maps '3-apck' section. But, also wants to land a double piece of 'real-estate', Via the website listings.

Custom budget (for bigger online sites , like e-commerace and enterprise level businesses)

If the business is more of a regional type business or even maybe the business has customers nationally or internationally. Budget such as £500 to £5000 per week can be allocated towards SEO management. Keyword tracking, technical aspects like speed include, no part of the digital marketing will be overlooked.

why we do it-

Digital marketing in the form of paying for clicks, that is 'PPC', can be a deadly cycle of setting budgets, and then losing all exposure on page #1 of Google, when the ad-budget gets used up.

The solution is to have an ever-green page-1 listing. That once is in position, sticks for years to come. Unlike ads, that can disappear in a flash, as every click comes at a premium. And the worst part is : anyone can click on it and demolish your ad budget in no time. And so the PPC option is and should be more of a supplementary approach. Or even an after thought, once the SEO is growing the business, to the point where, ads can be deployed, in small gaps within the web presence.

Cast information about your company far and wide online to receive the recognition from Google as a 'brand'.

The goal of SEO is simple. Its like mentioned already, to do with Google associating our business, as a brand, and for that we need to act exactly like a brand would, or as closely as possible. So how does our Seo service put this is place for your business. One of the strategies is to build-out a : automated , branded publication network. This facilitates mass distribution of our content across the powerful social landscape. Its like having a social media employee, but in the form of a robot. Meaning we can get updated & fresh content, sent out to, tens and tens and tens - of social-profiles , with one click!

The test for this strategy working is: we check how many of the first 50 results (for a brand-name search) on Google: is properties (social-accounts) that we control? As these web properties or 'assets' (really just a page which we have control of )  - form part of our social media publication 'fortress' or network.

This is one of the most powerful and cost efficient ways to have an active presence online, just like all the top brands do, thus giving the signal to Google, of our business - being a known ( and trusted ) - 'brand'. 

The supercharger, if you will - with this, is to then, periodically have media outlets pick up some update to-do with our business. Doesn't have to be head-line news, far from it, the important thing is 100's of sites are talking and making mention of your business and its recent activities.

This seems like it could be out of reach for the average local business, for instance... but its really not!. We can run a press release campaign, when the time is right, and use only £300 of your budget in its execution.


The longer you stay with our agency, the more the budget we have to work with. So keep up with the regular weekly payments, and you will make available to us -a budget, for us then to put this into action - for your business. Usually just once every six months, is enough for this type of strategy (press-release) , as likely none of your competitors have ever been mentioned on a national scale.

And so can't compete for 'brand status'.

And its associated - high rank-ability- in terms of securing page 1, and top 5 - listings.

Its a numbers game.

Google can do two things really well, being a machine. It can read words and it can count instances of words. 

So after compiling a list of all the most valuable and searched - keywords & search-phrases; which have a relation to your business, which tends to be around the 100-to-250 mark, we will then start eying what businesses in the market are doing a decent job, in terms of winning the free clicks from google for these 'money-searches'. Ie Those searches with customer - buying-intent.

This informs us of exactly what numbers we need to first match and then beat.

If your competition has 50 pages, we need 75 on our website.

And we work towards this through-out the duration of the project, which typically needs around 4-8 months to fully kick-in and results to manifest, by way of incresed listing-views (aka, impressions) , listing clicks (a second form of ''impression'') - and phone calls, form submissions or purchases.

The ultimate indictor of a successful SEO strategy.

If a competing website /business: has 4 branded-social-profiles on page 1 for its brand-name search-results on Google, we need 5. If the current ranking-page, on a valuable google-results-page: has 1000 words of content on the page, we need 1200 on our page. So on and so forth. all these little advantages, then add-up and compound: to form an commanding-edge.

And ultimately: the lions share of the free clicks available from Google searchers

Ie: your potential and future customer base.

seo management service uk

SEO UK Agency

Agency, Agency, Agency

There is also ongoing management services available
for existing (starter-package) customers only.

For website, SEO management - minimum budget of; £100/week.

( Please expect results no sooner than 4 months ]

For local businesses, we offer a management service, aimed at having as many leads call your phone number listed in the maps profile of the business.

For both website and maps listing SEO management, minimum budget required is £150 per week.

( Please expect results no sooner than 4 months ]

local seo uk

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One-off pricing

Basic Audit.



Get an in-depth, review of where the opportunity lies for gaining a better and more professional digital marketing presence.

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

Speed package, for a faster site.



The mobile version of your site is used for basing the ranking ability oif the website. Make sure that customers have a speedy expierence, and you might give Google the reason to show listing, when the customer is searching Google from  a mobile device.

High-quality blog backlink



Is an important page just not getting the chance for a top 3 position on Goggle, or even a page 1 poison for that matter, then boost theat pages 'authority' with a 'vote of confidence' (link to the page, aka a 'backlink') from a well established and trusted blogging-site. Article included!

Super-High-quality blog/submission w/ backlink



Is an important page just not getting the chance for a top 3 position on Goggle, or even a page 1 poison for that matter, then boost that pages 'authority' with a 'vote of confidence' (link to the page, aka a 'backlink') from a well established and trusted blogging-site. Article included!

Use our site to:       Learn More with Our Blog:
  • Documents things like stories of case-study experiments.
  • Best Suggestions.
  • Useful 'how-to' guides.
  •  About the Industry LV5 (4CA) WHC, GD , PTGHR SEO services- Glasgow

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